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Rag Quilting - Backwards....An Experiment

 You all know how much I love my rag quilting...its quick.  Its easy.  Its forgiving.  So lets experiment for a minute. 
 Instead of all the raw seams on ones side of the quilt...I flip flopped them.  So now the blanket is reversible...Weird....I know.  I receiving these squares in a fabric scrap swap a few months ago and I let my daughter arrange them.  She put a purple square on top of each yellow striped square.  Then When I sewed them I made sure that they flip flopped so that they alternated.  In the above pic you can see how there are raw seams and then hidden seams...I let my 5 yr old clip all the seams (which wasn't the best idea she got lazy and tried cutting off the raw edges instead of clipping them)  But all in all its for her dolls so it don't matter much to me :)

I still haven't washed the blanket (a week later ) but when I do this weekend I will show you all the finished product.  I actually really like it.  I can see some potential...Give me a few weeks to come up with it :)

While I was snapping away with the camera my baby girl wanted a photo shoot.  Silly girl!  She doesn't smile for the camera once so this is just melting my heart!


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