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Super Bowl Eats

My husbands family are all avid sports people.  So of course when Superbowl comes around we have to have a HUGE party. 
 I am ok with it cause I of course love to eat!  So I get to eat to my hearts content and my belly is nice and full!  Making us all 1 big happy family. 

So, every year before Superbowl I try to decide on the perfect thing to bring.  Sweet?  Salty?  Hot?  Dip?  Oh the choices!

So to help me on my quest Pinterest came to my help (click on the picture to go to the website). 

I am debating between cheesy breadsticks,

a dip (they all look so yummy!),

or popcorn (there is going to be theater buttery popcorn there all ready I am sure).

You can go HERE to see the rest of my pinned board for Superbowl

Any suggestions?

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Mari said...

ahhh, thanks for the shout out! the popcorn is really good and easy! enjoy!

Jennifer McLean said...

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Tammy said...

There are two days a year the hubs and I splurge and eat whatever we want for the entire day.. Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday. Tomorrow we'll be having hot wings, cocktail smokies, & cheese dip and chips.. oh yes.. and some pepto at bed time to top it all off! :) Your teasers look scrumptious! Be sure and let us know what you decided on :)

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