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Curved Shower Cornice Board-How to Update your Bathroom for Cheap and make a Huge Splash

How to Make a Curved Shower Cornice Board for your Bathroom
 I knew when we were building our house that I wanted a cornice board above my shower.  The problem though was that I had a curved bathtub and had bought a curved shower curtain.  So what does a girl do?  Make the cornice board curved...Duh!  It seriously took me a few weeks to figure that one out.

 So I talked to my parents about how "we" could make it curved.  My mom came up with the great idea to use Lauan board.  It is commonly used as book case and other furniture backing.  It worked perfectly.  My mom is a brilliant lady isn't she? 
shower decoration

How to Make a Curved Cornice Board

 So we set out making this awesome board.  I am sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process but I will try to explain it as best as I can.

 First I took a long board and traced the shower curtain rod onto it so that we would know the shape we needed to make the cornice board.  Then we cut out 2 - 1x4 boards into that shape.  It was just your basic curve.

Then my dad stapled the boards to the luan so that the luan would hold its shape.  He also added 2 short boards on each end so that we could secure it to the wall.

Then my mom and I had to piece the fabric together so that it would be wide enough to fit the board.  This part is tricky and REALLY important.  If you don't get your fabric lined up just right then you will see the seam.  We like to use steam to seam so that once we have figured out exactly where to sew we steam to seam it together so that it will stick and not move.  It is seriously the easiest way to piece fabric together.

Then we covered the board just like you would when you make a normal cornice board or a headboard.  I know there are a ton of step by step instructions on pinterest that can explain it much better than I so head on over and follow me on Pinterest

How to Attach Cornice Board to Wall

Then my husband mounted the cornice board to the wall using 2 L brackets.  My board ended up being a little snug so we had to pound it into place and I have a feeling that if I ever want to take it out a saw will have to cut it out first.

Cornice Board that anyone can make for a shower

Beautiful Shaped Cornice Board

How to make a cornice board backside view

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Jessica said...

This is beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

This is very lovely and looks so classy! Does it limit light in the shower?

Just Jaime said...

Really impressive! It looks beautiful!

avisiontoremember said...

It does limit the light in the shower a bit. I think the shower curtain is just as bad as the cornice board. We have the black shower curtain, a black plastic curtain and then the cornice board too.

Jeanette said...

So very elegant! I know what you mean about the light. I sewed a valance for my upstairs bathroom and lined it, then we have a dark brown shower curtain and it is really dark. I did change out the shower curtain liner to a clear one and that helps. But since I don't use that shower on a daily basis I've chosen beauty above function!!!

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