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Refinished Rocking Chair-Master Bedroom

It took me more than4 months to finish this little beauty.  Between being pregnant and having a newborn things just don't seem to get done as quickly around here as they used to.
 This was the first before picture I got.  I was looking and couldn't find the ugly 90's floral print that it used to be.  My mom took home the cushions and brought them back to me the next day finished.  She is one amazing woman.  She was supposed to wait so I could learn but she knew that I would be no help being 9 months pregnant. 
Once the little missy arrived I knew I really needed the chair but didn't have the energy to get it painted. So I talked the hubby into moving it inside for me to use until I got the chance to finish it. So finally a couple weeks ago I had my 6 year old help me drag it out into the garage and we got right to painting it and my 3 year olds toddler bed. 
Lets just say that my bedroom is my absolute favorite room in the entire house.

Want to see my bed set and the custom bench?  Go HERE 
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Jessica said...

We have a chair just like that!!!! I want to refinish it because it's pretty ugly, but I'm afraid to make it worse! You did such a beautiful job.

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