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Cheer Up, Mouse! Children's Book Review

I was asked a couple weeks ago to check out a fun kids book.  I was excited to be able to share this fun book with my girls!  They love reading, getting read to, and looking at pictures in books.  The book I was asked to review is called "Cheer Up, Mouse" by Jed Henry.

This book is all about a mouse that is sad, and how the other animals try to cheer him up.  They try all sorts of shenanigans and none of them seem to work.  That is until the  thoughtful Chickmunk decides to give him a hug.  That hug was just what the Mouse needed!

Its a fun little read for the kids, and a great way to remind them (and even us adults) that sometimes all someone needs is a hug and a reminder that they are loved.

So, if you are looking for a fun book to share with your family, you should check out Cheer Up, Mouse!

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