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How to Sew Using Large Thread Cones at Home-

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If you love sewing and are looking to complete large projects, use the same color of thread often, or are going to start a business or have a small home business, buying large cones at home can be more economical than purchasing smaller packages. Make sure you use quality thread so that it lasts longer. We love our cone tower from Amazon because it is metal so it won't break easily if you move your machine, take it to classes or put away. 

If you're interested in sewing, you probably already know that thread is a huge part of any successful project. The right thread can be the difference between an average-looking garment and one that really stands out! We sew the most with gray, white, and black.

Using a cone tower makes it possible to use large cones on sewing machines at home

We love this cone tower on amazon. The base is metal, and the stand is also metal. So it doesn't easily break.

We have used a plastic on in the past and if you ever move your machine, put it away, or take it to classes, I would definitely not recommend it. However it is a lot cheaper and lighter.



We recommend only purchasing cones if you will use them. Thread will break down overtime, several years. But if it is quality thread, it takes a lot longer. Investing in better thread will make a huge difference.

We have bought many different brands and types of thread over the years, some haven't held up and break easily and others are still great to sew with after 12 years of sewing.


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