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Peloton vs Indoor Trainer | Non Professional Review from a Cycling Enthusiasts

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I have loved to bike for as long as I can remember.  As a child I would often ride with my siblings all over the farm. Down the gravel road. And where ever else our hearts desired. 

As an adult, I would often be found riding my semi nice standard bike. You know the one...with the knobby tires, but not a mountain bike. I would pull my kids around the Greenbelt in our town. It was my favorite exercise. 

Because it didn't seem like exercise

More recently, I am a lover of cycling. It is a favorite past time of mine over the last 8 years. 

I was lucky enough to find a real road bike on a great ebay deal. It was my first Specialized bike

It was used.

But I didn't care. 

But every fall, as winter would approach, I would dread figuring out how to exercise indoors. 

For a couple of years, I did a CrossFit style workout at a small local gym. It was pretty much personal training with an amazing friend. 

It was hard. But it was oh so fun!

That is when I really found my groove with working out.

Then covid hit. We stopped CrossFit

But that summer, I rode my bike (a NEW beautiful solid white Specialized Ruby Road Bike)

I rode that bike just over 4,000 miles

It was the best. Early mornings out on the road. 

But then the winter came, and I was in a funk.

I tried to stick to a treadmill/crossfit style workout that winter.

I did fine

The following summer, I rode my bike a cool 3,600 miles

Enter the dreaded winter again, and this time my awesome husband set up an indoor trainer for me that we set up my old trusty road bike on. 

I was saved. 

I rode the bike every other day, treadmill/crossfit the other days.

Then this fall, as I was whining that winter was coming, my husband said:

Happy Birthday, I got you a Peloton

Pelaton vs Indoor Trainer Review
Pelaton vs Indoor Trainer Review

Queue the heavenly angels and celebratory balloons and everything else suitable for the grandest of celebrations

Ok, not really. But it should have been.

Now 3 months into my Pelaton riding, I feel like I have a good handle on which I prefer and why

The Peloton wins by a mile. 

Except for the monthly fee. I don't like reoccurring charges, but didn't have a lot of choice. Don't have a gym membership because I have a wonderful workout area in my home.  

The clear winning thing for me:

My knees don't hurt with the Peloton, but they ache terribly with the trainer.

The trainer is harder to get started, its great when I am going, but initially starting the spin puts too much on my knees. Even with adjusting the gears to start easier, it just isn't as easy.

The classes on the Peloton are a lot better than I thought.

Calorie wise, Peloton wins again

I can burn at least 50% more calories in the same amount of time on the Peloton vs the trainer and most days, I burn 100% more. 

 Hence all of the sweaty drips. Gross I know!

The trainers, and the little measurements on the screen make all the difference. 

Some of the trainers aren't my favorite

Some I really enjoy

I am still figuring that part out.

I also really love the Peloton app on my phone. I have been doing the core 4 week training program. It is awesome. 

I highly recommend, no matter which option you choose, to make sure to clip in your shoes, even indoors. I promise, once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back!

So in summary:

Peloton vs Indoor Trainer?

  • Peloton all the way! 
    • It is easier on my knees
    • The app has awesome workouts
    • I burn more calories with the workouts


If you are fitness minded, and hate the long indoor winter rides and runs as much as I do. Why not start to exercise your brain at the same time!

I currently memorize quotes that I find inspirational and scriptures while running and riding to help keep me occupied. I've included some of my favorites here on the blog so make sure to check them out

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