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Adding Pockets to Rag Apron Pattern

Remember the bee apron yesterday?  I added pockets to it.  As promised I will show you how to add the pockets to the Rag Apron Pattern

Follow the directions for the rag apron.  When cutting out the fabric cut out 2 pieces that are 5 x 12

Then cut the pieces of fabric like the above diagram.  Cutting out the small triangle piece.  You could add a nice little curve to the pocket as well if you would like.  Make sure that you do the mirror image on the 2nd piece so that the decorative side of the fabric has a triangle on the right and the 2nd decorative side of the other piece of fabric has a triangle on the left side.  Make sense?

Then sew along the diagonal  with a straight stitch about 1/4 of inch from the edge.
Then when you are assembling the rag apron.  Make sure to add the pockets onto the 5 x 12 inch rectangles while sewing them onto the other squares.  


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