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Flirty Apron Swap with Bee's

I came across this really fun apron swap about a month ago  It is called the Flirty Apron Swap.  I decided to take the plunge and try it. 

I think I got the perfect person to send one to.  I have been wanting to applique bees for awhile now.  I have had the pattern made up for awhile now but just hadn't had the time or reason to sew something with bee's on it. 

Find the free downloadable beehive applique HERE  
The Bee applique is HERE

The lady that I sent my apron to loves bee's.  She loves everything about bee's.  Perfect!  So I made her an apron using THIS pattern.  I even added pockets for her.  I will show you have to adjust the pattern tomorrow to add the pockets. 

Now how did I applique the bee's and the beehive?
1.  download the applique patterns above
2. cut out the pattern pieces
3.  using your pattern pieces cut out the appropriate amount of pieces with you fabric
4.  pin the pieces in place onto the fabric that you want the appliques to be on
5.  sew with a straight stitch around each piece and where indicated. 
6.  I used a really tight zig zag stitch about a 1/4 inch wide for the eyes and the antennas.  The antennas are not on the pattern pieces.  I just kinda eye balled them in place. 
7.  Finish the product that you are making and then wash it to fray the edges a little of the applique. 



jillytacy said...

Great apron! I'm sure your partner will love it!

Missy Shay said...

How cute! I will have to make this apro, you've gotte me hooked on your rag quilt aprons!

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