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Pink Lace Flower Girl Twirl Skirt Tutorial

pink flower lace chiffon girls skirt
 My middle girl LOVES skirts, dresses, and all things girly!  I ended up putting all of her pants away in storage because she wouldn't wear them.  All she has now are dresses, skirts, and leggings.  But she will only wear leggins with a skirt or dress.  NEVER alone.  Seriously, she is all girl! 
pink flower lace chiffon girls skirt

 So I made all of my girls matching dresses, cause that's what craft mom's do, Right? 
up close of 3 inch waistband and lace flower chiffon with satin underlay
up close lace chiffon and waistband

 I got my fabric from Wholeport.  The pink rose chiffon lace from HERE and the pink satin from HERE.  The wide elastic waistband I got from Ruffle Fabric

Below I have the basic instructions for those of you that already know how to sew:

how to make a 2 layer skirt with satin and lace chiffon
pink flower girl skirt under skirt part
under skirt in pink satin

 A few more details:
1.  Cut your pieces of fabric as directed above
 2. Sew your trapezoid pieces together.  Hem the bottom and top.  I used my serger
3. Cut your elastic the size you need it.  Sew it together
4. Take all 3 pieces (the over skirt, underskirt, and waistband) and layer them with the underskirt on the bottom with seams on the inside, then the over skirt, and finally the waistband with the right side on facing the over skirt.  You will have all 3 layers even and layered on top of each other so that you can sew them all together at 1 time.
5.  Finished!

PLEASE NOTE:  These instructions will work great for any size.  I made 3 skirts, a 12 month size, 4t size, and girls 8.  They worked across the board.  I am excited to make me one now!  I haven't decided if I want the overlay to be as full on me as it is on the girls.   hmm So hard to make a decision!

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Just this... Alice said...

This is amazing! Love the photo of your baby in hers on the side post. I have four granddaughters who will love this. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial.

Marie | DIY Adulation said...

I love this! I am totally enjoying dressing my little girl in skirts and dresses while I still can. This is definitely going on my list of things to make for her. Thank you for sharing!

Mila said...

It's super cute!


Maria@sewtravelinspired said...

This skirt would be great for my granddaughter. Now I just need to find some fabric...

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