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6 Alternatives to Pinning Fabric

For me, pinning might be the MOST tedious task EVER when sewing. I know, I know...Pinning is an essential part of sewing. Or is it?
6 Alternatives to Pinning Fabric-Fabric Glue, Basting Tape, Clips, and Walking foot

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There are 6 different ways that I have found to secure 2 pieces of fabric together so that they don't move while I am sewing them.

Now don't get me wrong, I still use my pins when I HAVE to, but only if I have to.

These are in no particular order and they each have their place in my sewing room.  Some more than others!

1. Binder Clips or Small Clips. 

I use my little clips all the time.  I use them to mark a spot on the edge of a piece of fabric.  For example I use them every time I sew a crib skirt. 
Clover clips to mark fabric instead of pinning

I also use the little clips to hold binding in place when I am finishing a quilt.  My absolute favorite time to use the clips is when I am sewing a bag together.  There are always so many pieces and keeping the all lined up and not twisted can get a challenge.  Also, the bag pieces are always SOOO thick!  Pins are so hard to push through the interfacing and the outside and the inside and the pockets that it just doesn't work.  So these clips work perfect!

You can purchase these useful clips on Amazon (affiliate link)

2. Fabric Weights

When I am cutting out clothing using a pattern, I hate pinning the pattern piece to the fabric.  Its just a pain.  Plus, I always find myself pricking my finger, or my arm, or who knows whatever else!  So instead I use a fabric weight.  I personally love to use butter knives as fabric weights.  Seriously, butter knives.  They are heavy, and not small, and easy to move around.  The best thing about butter knives is that I have a bunch of them.  Like 8.  So thats plenty to weigh down that pattern!

Or if you want legit weights try these ones on amazon

Butter Knife Fabric Weights

3. Spray Adhesive 

Whenever I am ready to baste a quilt, I never grab my pins.  I always grab my spray adhesive.  It is the quickest and easiest way to baste a quilt.  I spray the back of the quilt to the batting and make sure everything is all smooth and even.  Then I repeat with the quilt top.  Spray the batting and smooth the quilt top to the batting.  It is awesome!  Trust me!

Spray Adhesive can be found on Amazon

4. Seam Basting Tape 

This little tape is awesome.  It is 1/4 inch wide so perfect for most seam allowances.  I use this when I am trying to match up 2 pieces of fabric that have a repeat pattern that I want to match perfectly.  I ALWAYS use the basting tape.  I also use it when I lengthen my curtains. 
You do need an iron to be able to use the basting tape, so for some people that might be an

Find Steam a Seam on Amazon

5. Walking Foot

Bernina 380 with walking foot

 A tool I use almost all the time when I use my Bernina is my walking foot.  Essentially, a walking foot pushes the bottom layer of fabric, and the top layer of fabric through at the same speed so it keeps the fabric even as you sew along.  Without the walking foot your bottom layer of fabric will be pulled through a little quicker than the top layer. 

I also always use my walking foot when I sew with knits, like ruffle fabrics, and minky fabrics.  Its a must if you don't want to throw your machine out the window!  Find a walking foot on amazon that will fit your machine

So now you know how to get away with not using pins.  I am sure your arms, fingers, and wherever you end up pocking yourself with pins will thank me later.

Do you have any other tricks to avoiding pinning?  I would love to hear about them and I am sure other readers would appreciate more ideas too!

PS make sure to stop by every day in the month of September for a new sewing related post.  Some will be tips, some will be favorite patterns, and some will be sewing business topics.  

If you have a topic idea, let me know in the comments
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