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The Easiest Bag on the Planet to Sew

I am not joking when I say that this is the easiest bag to sew on the planet!  I have had this bag pattern in mind for a few months, but just haven't had an excuse to sew it up.

I work with Achievement Day 8-9 year old girls from my Church (the Church of Jesus Christ) every other week doing crafts, learning about religion, cooking, and other general things that might be helpful for a young girl to know.  This week we decided it was time to do a craft.

As usual, I put off figuring out the exact dimensions of this bag that I had in mind until 10 minutes before the girls came knocking.  Last minute....I know.  Not a very good example to a young girl?  Probably, but they didn't know that I had waited.  But I will be better. 

How to Sew the Easiest Bag on the Planet

Based on the amount of time I had to make this bag, and that it needed to be simple, this is the bag that I came up with in a pinch. 
Teaching young kids to sew.  Girls and Boys with a simple bag
I am so in love with the way it came out.  It has raw edges so that those edges will fray.  It also is the perfect technique for young people starting to sew.  Their seams don't have to be perfect. 
The bag also includes a divider inside and a large pocket on the outside. 
The easiest rag bag ever

Materials Required for the Easiest Bag to Sew on the Planet:

Main fabric (the outside fabric print) 1/2 yard
Coordinating fabric (outside pocket, inside divider, and handles) 3/4 Yard
Flannel fabric (this adds weight to the bag and makes the frayed edges a bit fuller and prettier) 3/4 Yard
Inside the Easiest bag on the Planet to sew

Cutting the Easiest Bag on the Planet

Main fabric cut 1 25"x14"
Coordinating cut one 21"x14"
                                   4" by width of Fabric
Flannel fabric cut one of each 25"x14"
Bag Pattern that is Easy

Assembling the Easiest Bag on the Planet to Sew:

1. Cut your width of fabric piece in half so you have two 4" by 22" (ish)  pieces.  You will now sew (with the right sides together) down the long side and across 1 of the small sides making a tube.  Turn your tube press and repeat with your other 4" piece
2.  Layer all of your flannel pieces with your coordinating main and coordinating fabric pieces.  The 10.5" flannel will go with the 21" coordinating piece.  The 12" coordinating and the 6" flannel will also go together.  For the coordinating pieces with their smaller flannel pieces you will line up the flannel on 1 end of the cotton fabric piece.  Then fold the flannel piece over so that it completely covers the flannel on the top and the bottom.  It will resemble a 1 page book (the cotton is the cover, and the flannel is inside page) 
3.  Sew across the top of the all your layered pieces (except the 4" by width of fabric piece).  For the main fabric piece it will be across both of the 14" sides (make sure to pin and sew in your handles at the same time) and for the pocket and dividers it will be across the side that is opposite of the fold.
4.  Pin your front pocket into place on your outside bag piece by folding over your main fabric piece to find the right placement.  Top stitch it into place.
5. Now add your divider piece inside of your bag.  Make sure that when you fold your main fabric piece in half that the divider piece lines up with the bottom of the bag.
6.  I like to use clips to hold the bag together while I sew down the 2 sides of the bag.
7.  Voila!  Your Quick and Easiest Bag on the Planet is finished. 
Achievement Day Activity for Sewing with Young Girls
Follow along as our in house sewing experts (7 & 10 year olds) tackle the Easiest Bag on the Planet to Sew. It took a little direction from me and was a quick and fun project. 

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Brenda said...

I enjoyed reading your post and do plan on making this tote. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful creative day!

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

tote bags are a god-send sometimes! I made a bunch for the daily vacation bible school this summer and the kids loved them! I keep a few here and there all the time.. just in case!

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