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Fabric Organization

I am always struggling with how to organize my fabric.  I have a TON of it...ok maybe not quite a ton but a 1/2 ton!

I have pieces from 1/8th of a yard to 15 yards.  So how do I organize it?  Here is what works best for me:

I bought a couple of those plastic drawers when they were $10 at Walmart.  Then I folded my fabrics so that they will fit nicely in the drawer.  I can fit 3 rows of fabric in each drawer.  I have found that fabrics smaller than 2 yards fit best in the drawers. 

Here is the drawers:

Then for those pieces that are larger than that when I am in my local fabric store I ask if they have any of those cardboard pieces that their fabric is on that are empty.  Then I take them home and roll those pieces of fabric onto the cardboard pieces
Those are the ones I rolled this morning (my hubby picked some up for me the other day.  Nice huh?)
Then I hide them all behind the couch I have in my craft room.  It works great.  Right now we are building a house and I will have a room dedicated to my sewing.  I can't wait to have an entire WALL to display all my fun fabrics on.

How do you display/organize your fabrics?


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April said...

geez! I feel like a moron! I have the exact same drawers I was using to put fabric in and stopped because I couldn't find any thing...duh never thought to turn it on it's side! Thanks for sharing!

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