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Hot Pink and Turquoise Girls Bedroom

I don't know if you remember. It was so long ago, but last fall we decided to move the 2 older girls downstairs.  They were so excited to get to sleep in the basement and on BUNKBEDS!  So after searching Craigslist, facebook groups, and thrift stores I finally found these wooden bunk beds, a dresser (that isn't in their room), and a desk.  
I was so excited.  I got to work painting everything with a little help (wink, wink)

Notice the cute little Owl on the bottom bunk.  The pattern can be found here, plus its free!

Room Before Picture.  Lovely Beige Walls. 

I  *finally* got the curtains done, and convinced the girls to clean up their room so that I could take pictures.  But in all seriousness.  The convincing included me throwing everything that was not photographable out into the hall with instructions to clean it up.  Mean mom....I know. 

Love the curtains, and so do the girls!  PS If you want your own curtain similar you can head on over to my Etsy Shop

This dresser I had my parents pick up a couple years ago from Craigslist in Arizona.  I am so jealous of their Craigslist.  Idaho Craigslist is definitely lacking to say the least.

I even let my oldest keep her "participation" trophy's out.  Even though I still don't understand why people give out participation trophy's.  Dumbest thing ever!

Even Minnie was able to make her debut.

Oh and the cute little metal chair came with the bunkbed set.  The person I bought them from didn't have a need for the chair anymore.  It was ugly, and boyish blue, with lovely boy stickers all over it.  Thanks to my awesome F-I-L, all that crap was burned off and then the chair got a lovely powder coat for a little bit extra durability. 

For those of you that follow along with me you might remember that I also redid their bathroom to match their bedroom.  Go HERE for a little pic
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Julie is Coco and Cocoa said...

Love those colors together! And that ruffled valance is so pretty!

Pitter and Glink said...

So pretty and fun!

Amberly said...

It looks so cute!!! I'm sure she loves it!!! :)

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