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Halloween Social Party Decorations

Halloween is upon us, and so are all the Halloween Parties. Here are a few decorating ideas for an awesomely spooktacular party

This party was for a community Halloween social.  It was held in a large farm shop.  Let me know if you can tell as you look through the pictures.  It was a huge transformation, that honestly took all day to set up.

This is the sign in table.  Everyone was encouraged to wear a name tag, most people chose not to.

The silly skeletons messing around.  My favorite is the one in the cauldron eating a whoppers. 
Stage for community social party for Halloween

I think this one stole my headband!  Notice that he is hanging from an air compressor hose. 
Hanging Skeleton

The dessert table.  I didn't get a picture with all the plates filled with delicious cupcakes that everyone brought to share.  They were to die for!
dessert table for halloween party

A wide view of the stage area:
Halloween social community Party

With the umbrella witch hanging over the stage:
Umbrella Witch

The Water Cooler Station with homemade Root Beer and Water.  My mom designed the covers, and my sister is working on getting a pattern written up, with new designs for Christmas and Thanksgiving if anyone is interested

halloween water cooler covers, frankinstein, witch, ghost, pumpkin

The table centerpieces.  Mummy Mason Jars, the basket is from the dollar store and was filled with rolls, the pumpkins came from my parents garden. 
Halloween Centerpiece

I just love how it turned out.  My Mom is an amazing decorator, don't you think?!

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